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Speed limits and fines What kind of fines and penalties do I risk to face when I drive over the speed limit? Employment contract Model employment contract, terminating an employment contract, CEA. Tax return Filling out your tax return, salary statement, deducting donations etc. Job reference Am I entitled to a job reference? What information must and can be included? Register unemployment When and how do you need to register with the employment office or RAV? Self-employment Getting started, insurances, occupational pension.

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Rent Tenancy law: renting an apartment, how to go about giving notice, how to deal with rent increases and reductions, etc. Personal liability insurance What does it cover and how does it work? Buying a house or an apartment Financing the purchase, forms of ownership, purchase contract etc. Filing a report How to file a criminal complaint.

Tax return - Requesting an extension How to apply with the cantonal tax authorities for an extension. Health insurance: entitlement to a reduction Where can you apply for a premium reduction? Maternity leave How long is it and how much money do I get during this period? RTV Katwijk 1. Veronica 1. Gelre FM 1. Fresh FM 1. NPO 3FM 1. Pinguin Pluche 1. Hitz24 1.

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GL8 Media 1. Studio 1. RTV Horizon 1. Omroep Venray 1. Kerstradio 1. Pologne ZET Do Biegania ZET ZET Rock 7. Malbork 4. Eska ROCK 3. Index 2.

SR Delémont - FC Solothurn 2-2

Polskie Radio Wroclaw 2. Vanessa FM 2. Doxa FM 1. Polskie Radio Kielce 1. Kolobrzeg 1. Suisse Argovia 9. Virgin Radio Rock 4. Pilatus 3. Sunshine 2. Vibration Gay Radio! SRF 1 2. LFM 2. SRF 1 Regionaljournal Ostschweiz 2. One FM 2. SRF 1 Regionaljournal Zentralschweiz 2. Ticino 1.

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New Clear Radio 1. SRF 3 1. Traxx FM Pop 1. Vibration Soft Hits 1. TOP 1. Autriche Ö24 6. Tirol 6. Austria 5. Life Radio Tirol 4. Austrian Rock Radio 3. Technikum 3. Antenne Vorarlberg Schwarzach 2. Jö Live 2. Antenne Steiermark 2. Antenne Kaernten 2. T-Rock 2. Soundportal 1. ARBÖ-Verkehrsradio 1.

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Mexique Mix 8. Amor 7. Mix 7. Disney 6. Mix 5. Noticias 4. Disney 3. Alfa 3. Disney 2. Universal 2. Stereo Cien 1. Hit FM 1. Planeta 1.

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