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During Aufguss, water is mixed with essential oils and poured onto the glowing coals of the sauna by a sauna attendant — and as a result, the heat shoots up drastically for a few minutes. People generally take up to three sauna sessions in one visit, lasting anything from 5 to 20 minutes each. The timing really depends on your personal preference.


A complete sauna visit takes two to three hours. Newcomers: Initially eight to ten minute sessions on the middle bench, at 60 to 70 degrees, will be sufficient. The one golden rule, which may surprise some, is that you do not wear swimwear in a sauna.

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You must remove all of your clothing; in fact this is compulsory in most parts of Europe. For many, this is the biggest hurdle to overcome, culturally — but remember that saunas are second nature for the locals and you will only draw attention to yourself if you attempt to wear your swimwear! Aside from the most important rule of de-robing before entering, there are a few other things you need to be aware of. However, after your final sauna session of the day, you should drink plenty of water, isotonic drink or fruit juice. Alcohol is a no-no. A short walk in fresh air will revitalise your respiratory system.

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All large, public saunas will have outside areas where you can take a break. Or if you are overly tired. This all puts too much strain on the body. Adults of all ages use public saunas. Children under 16 are usually not permitted to use one — if in doubt, do check the age limit before entering. While women who are in an established pregnancy in Austria, Switzerland, Germany and Italy can use saunas if they are used to them, in the UK and Ireland, for example, the government does not sanction the use of saunas, steam rooms or jacuzzis during any stage of pregnancy.

Anyone with acute fevers, inflammations, lung diseases or phlebitis should not use saunas.

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The space has a discotheque feel, with booming house music, trippy flashing lights and a huddle of twinky guys in one corner. The sauna, steam room and whirlpool are all impeccably clean and the appropriate temperature. Towels are unlimited. The bar offers a decent selection of drinks and sells poppers, lube and toys. There are private cabins, a sling and a dark area. Though well appointed if overly designed, the main problem with Duplexx is that it feels more like social club than a sauna, with guys mostly hanging out and chatting rather than getting it on.

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Saunas in the Netherlands: what is going to a naked sauna really like?

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