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At 30 years old, she is still five years shy of the minimum age for a vice presidential candidate — not to mention more ideologically aligned with Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Kamala Harris tops many vice presidential lists, for good reason. Despite some tense moments between Harris and Biden early in the campaign she scored a polling bump after criticizing his record on racial issues at the first presidential debate , the two seem to have reconciled — maybe. Politico recently reported that former Sen. She also hails from blue California, a Senate seat that will be easy for Democrats to fill. Biden has showered Harris with praise and confirmed she is on the list early on.

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She can be president someday herself. She can be attorney general.

I mean, she has enormous capability. Having a vice presidential nominee who is a fighter can satisfy the base and leave Biden free to pitch himself as the commonsense unity candidate going up against Trump. Before serving in Congress, she was in the California state Assembly for years, and was assembly speaker for two years. But her hardworking, behind-the-scenes approach on Capitol Hill has made her beloved within the House Democratic caucus and even gotten her approval from some House Republicans, including fellow Californian and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy.

Bass was a Biden pick for the recent policy task forces that included members picked by progressive Sen. And like Biden, she has experienced the loss of a child; her daughter and son-in-law were both killed in a car accident. At first glance, Rice may seem like an unusual pick. Biden and Rice worked together on a number of critical foreign matters in the Obama White House, where he was also a key figure in advising Obama on foreign policy after chairing the Senate Foreign Relations Committee for years.

Biden surrogates have confirmed Rice is being vetted by the campaign. But Biden must also consider the prospect that Republicans could once again dredge up their favorite issue, the US-led intervention in Libya and the resulting deaths of four Americans in Benghazi. Democrats may hope the issue will no longer be salient in the minds of swing voters, but Republicans may still hammer it nonetheless. Still, having worked with Rice extensively on foreign policy issues he cares deeply about could be about as meaningful for Biden as any other factor he must weigh in his decision.

Having a vice president who is steeped in these issues could free up Biden to focus on myriad domestic issues he will have to tackle as president. Whitmer is the year-old Democratic governor of Michigan and served as the state Senate minority leader years before that.

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Whitmer could be a big asset in this endeavor. Whitmer won counties that went for Trump in , showing her appeal across party lines. Whitmer is far from the only governor Republican and Democrat alike to call for more help, yet Trump reserved some of his worst insults for her. Whitmer seems to have a lot of what Biden is looking for in a running mate, although she has spent fewer years in higher office than some other contenders.

If Biden wants to do some serious outreach to progressives, Elizabeth Warren is the obvious choice. Biden recently backed a Warren plan that allows student debt to be canceled during bankruptcy — a notable move, given a famous policy disagreement between the two on a bankruptcy bill.

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Warren may be the choice for uniting the ideological wings of the party, and picking her would certainly say something about where a Biden administration would be willing to go policy-wise. But electorally, it might make more sense to go with a woman of color, or a moderate from the Midwest, rather than an unapologetic liberal Democrat representing Massachusetts. With this in mind, Warren actually might be more at home — and have more of an impact — as a Cabinet pick like secretary of Treasury or education, where she could actually enact a chunk of her broad regulatory agenda.

The two-term senator from Wisconsin checks a whole lot of boxes. She made history in as the first openly gay senator. And even as Republicans spent millions to try to oust her in , she cruised to reelection, beating her Republican challenger by 11 points.

Instead, Baldwin hung on and former Gov. Baldwin ran — and won — on the issue of health care. Her fight in the Senate to protect those with preexisting conditions is personal; she has a preexisting condition from childhood. Like Michigan, Wisconsin is crucial for Biden to win, and Baldwin could give him a boost. But taking her away from the Senate could be risky for Democrats; Wisconsin voters will by no means automatically elect another Democrat to take her place. She cast a vote in while holding her newborn baby. The senator from Illinois is also unapologetically moderate.

She came within 1. A March poll done by She the People , an organization for and by women of color, found Abrams was the clear first choice among its respondents — even over Harris. As Abrams continues her work on the issue of expanding voting rights for voters of color, she has very publicly been making a case for herself to be the vice president in TV interviews and podcast appearances. Even so, Abrams recently said she has not yet been contacted by the Biden campaign.